Sunday, January 25, 2009

TOS2. The German Space Program

2-4pm Wed Jan 28
Lindsay Auditorium
Sturm Hall 281
U of Denver

This presentation considers parallel inquiries into human biocomputing, cybernetic engineering, and space exploration conducted by the American space program and the German acid rock scene during the early 1970s. Swapping Werner von Braun and Timothy Leary, as it were, I present the Kosmische Musik phenomena as it reflects research and experiments in biocomputing and cyborg studies, the psychedelic sciences, and interspieces communication in the projects of John Lilly and Ed Mitchell.

Sequence 1: Stern Trek
Cosmic Jokers, “Galactic Supermarket”
Tangerine Dream, “Rubycon, Part 1”
Klaus Schulze, “Satz Exil Sils Maria”
Cluster, “03,” “01”
Conrad Schnitzler, “Contrapuntal Interstellar Radars”
Popol Vuh, “Ich mache einen Spiegel”
Harmonia, “Sehr Kosmische”
Tangerine Dream, “Phaedra”
Popol Vuh, “Aguirre”
Tangerine Dream, “Alpha Centauri”
Ash Ra Tempel, “Traummaschine”

Sequence 2: Kosmos
Thomas Lück, “Kosmos” soundtrack
Cosmic Jokers and Sternmadchen, “Der Magier / The Electronic Scene”
Amon Düül II, “Wie der wind am ende einer strasse”
Stern Combo Meiden, “In Den Kosmos” soundtrack
Manuel Gottsching, “Echo Waves/Quasarsphere”
Tangerine Dream, “Birth of Liquid Plejades”
Klaus Schulze, from Cyborg
Cosmic Jokers and Sternmadchen, “Meine Kosmiche Musik”
Outro: Soundtrack collage

The Audio Mix

A Miscellany of German Popular Music and Influences Since 1950

Here is a link to the Complete Playlist of German Space Music and its influences.

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